Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 is an intelligent, modern treadmill with a variety of exercises and tools… helping you and your family members choose the most effective practice.

The criterion: “Improve health and beauty at home” is the advantage that Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 brings.

Exquisite design, innovative folding

Designed with black as the primary color, Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 brings a sense of luxury, suitable for home space. The sturdy frame is made of stainless steel, highly durable.

Folding size 1030x 725 x 1420mm helps optimize living space; in addition, the machine is also equipped with wheels to help reduce weight and quickly move to the training area you want.

Versatile integrates many tools that come with the machine.

As a versatile product, in addition to the running function, the DVCB-00005 also integrates many exercise tools such as sit-ups, massage belts, dumbbells, crunch abdominal, and turntable waist to choose the method of exercise according to your preferences, Exercise effectively, and burn fat quickly.

Maximum speed 16 km/h, maximum payload 130 kg

The Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 has a motor, a board manufactured by modern technology with high durability, robust operation with a maximum speed of up to 16 km/h that will bring you ultimate convenience while exercising.

Along with that is a maximum load of up to 130 kg so that every family member can exercise carefree.

12 training programs, automatic incline 15%

Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 integrates 12 pre-programmed running exercises mentioned above; users can diversify practices or choose activities according to their preferences to bring the best results.

In addition, the Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 can automatically raise the slope up to 15% to help you perform exercises that simulate realistic climbing terrain such as running uphill, hill climber, etc. shortest time.

Soft silicone cushion, maximum injury reduction

There are silicone cushions with high training intensity to help reduce injury, providing gentle softness in your every step. In addition, the silicone cushion also helps to reduce noise when used so that your exercise does not affect other family members.

Anti-slip, spacious diamond running mat

A high-grade diamond running mat has a tight structure between layers to increase use time, more friction, better anti-slip. In particular, with the running area size 1200 x 440mm, it is ideal without limiting the running area of ​​​​steps so that you can be confident and comfortable in every step while still being safe.

Exceptionally sharp LCD screen

Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 with outstandingly sharp 5-inch LCD screen displays complete information about distance, calories, and heart rate to help users control their training session quickly and conveniently.

From that information, users can make a suitable exercise schedule for each training session. Enhance your workout at home without a coach around.

The hi-fi music speaker is excellent

Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 is also equipped with 2 Hi-Fi speakers, an Mp3 connection, Bluetooth allowing you to quickly choose your favorite songs to practice and immerse in music.

Run thanks safely to the safety guard in case of an accident

Daikiosan treadmill DVCB-00005 has a built-in safety lock. The machine will automatically turn off when, unfortunately, something goes wrong, giving you peace of mind when exercising, especially those new to the treadmill, the elderly, children…